Liturgy Ministries

Liturgy Committee

The Parish Liturgy Committee meets with the priest to plan major liturgical events and to oversee the liturgical life of the parish.

Fr Alex Barnedo

Ph:0432 947 245

Greetings and Hospitality

Greeters meet parishioners as arriving for Mass – Welcoming them and distributing Parish Bulletins.
Requests to be involved in hospitality are placed in the bulletin as required.

Parish Office

Ph:02 4352 1011

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The primary role of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is the distribution of Holy Communion to parishioners who are ill or unable to attend Mass. They also assist at Mass with the distribution of Holy Communion.

Parish Office

Ph:02 4352 1011

Senior and Junior Altar Servers

A team of non-ordained men & women, boys and girls, who play their role in the celebration of the Liturgy by carrying out a true liturgical ministry.  In assisting the priest they are seen as carrying out a ministry to God, a ministry to his people.  Boys and girls from the Parish who have received the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion may become Junior Altar Servers.

Parish Office

Ph:02 4352 1011


Lectors are those who are rostered to proclaim the Word of God in the Liturgy most especially the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading and the Prayers of the Faithful at the weekend masses. 

Parish Office

Ph:02 4352 1011

Children’s Liturgy                                                                                 

Children’s Liturgy is conducted during Saturday Vigil Mass and at 9:30am Mass at Wyong, and 8.30am and 5.00pm Sunday Masses at Tumbi Umbi.  The aim is to relate the gospel message at a level suitable for the children’s age group and understanding. 

Parish Office

Ph: 02 4352 1011

Altar Society

The Altar Society comprises a group of dedicated parish ladies who prepare the Altar for Sunday Mass.  They prepare flower arrangements for the Altar and they clean and replace the Altar cloths.

Irene Smith

Ph:0422 574 853


Our parish has several choirs in providing music at the weekend masses both in Tumbi and Wyong. We also welcome those who can play any musical instruments to join in the choirs.         

5pm Vigil - Fr Alex, Ph: 0432 947 245,
7.30am Mass - Parish office , Ph:02 4352 1011
9.30am Mass - Ros Maccari, Ph: 02 4352 1708

Tumbi Umbi:
Contact Parish Office, Ph: 02 4352 1011

Legion of Mary & Marian Movement of Priests                                          

Work for and with Our Lady. They meet Wednesday mornings after 8.00am Mass in Wyong and visit hospitals, nursing homes, the housebound, sick and elderly. Some of the Marian devotees also meet at 2pm each Tuesday at the Church to pray the Rosary.

Irene Smith

Ph: 0422 574 853