Feast of Infant of Jesus—Celebrated 19th January

There is a very strong and widespread devotion to the Christ Child among Filipinos. This colourful feast is not just about the lively and colourful celebrations, but is also a reminder that God doesn't only come to us in the great events of our salvation history with sometimes dramatic and monumental gestures. He comes to us in simplicity and normality of love, patience, humility, obedience and labour of daily life. Yes, he comes to us big, but more often he visits us small. We meet the same God and Lord of history in the great and little things, like the little Infant Jesus.  This feast challenges us to have a more open attitude to seek God in these simple things, and to give thanks for his presence, graces and blessings.  Many people joined us in celebrating this very special Feast with a Mass and then an afternoon of entertainment and food.  It was a beautiful celebration.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day a wonderful celebration.