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Ad Astra is a Broken Bay Youth Leader development program

Ad Astra is an opportunity for young people to grow in leadership and faith.

Become a missionary disciple of Christ. Build your skills, receive guidance from experienced speakers, experience community with other leaders and become who God created you to be. "Ad Astra" is Latin for "to the stars". Together, we aim for the stars seeking heights of ministry and personal relationship with God.

This 12 month program includes youth leadership training, prayer and community. Development nights are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, with guest speakers and workshops. Community nights are on the 4th Thursday of each month with fellowship and sharing. Each youth leader also receives a mentor to work with them over the course of the program.

The program also sponsors youth leaders to attend retreats and mission schools along the way. You are invited to take up the call to reach towards the heights of Heaven.

For further information, please contact Rachel Vala at Broken Bay on 02 8379 1635 or via the Parish office.

The program starts in July 2022 and runs to June 2023.

To make an application, please complete the application form online at the link below.

Broken Bay Ad Astra Application Form

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