Parish News

Pymble Online stamp

Pymble Online

Pymble Parish Online, a collection of activities available in our own space

Volunteers Needed Christmas stamp

Christmas Volunteers

An opportunity for you to assist with Pymble Parish Christmas events

Improvement Quotation stamp


A reflection on the need for improvement by St Teresa of Ávila

Christian Life stamp

Christian Life

Reminder from Bishop Robert Barron that being a saint is the ordinary goal of Christian life

Blessed Booklet stamp

Blessed 2021

The Diocese of Wollongong has again published its annual Daily Advent and Christmas Reflections booklet

Lights of Christmas 2020 stamp

Lights of Christmas

A family evening of light and music in St Mary’s Cathedral Square

Every Little Step Quotation stamp

Every Little Step

St Francis de Sales reflecting on the value of just one small step

Word on Fire Institute Video stamp

Word on Fire Institute Video

A new video library from the work of Bishop Robert Barron and the Word on Fire Institute

EthicsFinder stamp


A new digital Catholic ethics resource available to all

Parish Music 2 stamp

Parish Music

An opportunity to become involved in our musical activity

ANZAC Day 2020 stamp

Remembrance Day

They gave their today for your tomorrow

Individual stamp


A reflection on God's love of each individual by St Augustine of Hippo

Polish Donuts stamp

Polish Donuts

Pączki for sale supporting the Salvatorian Seminaries

Save the Date stamp

Save the Date

An opportunity to participate in Parish fundraising events

HSC Exam stamp

Prayer for HSC Students

A prayer in support of the HSC students