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St Vincent de Paul Annual Christmas and Hamper Appeal

The Christmas season can be anything but happy for people going through hard times. The Pymble St Vincent de Paul Society has an annual Christmas and Hamper Appeal to support people in need.

You can get involved in the hamper appeal by making up a hamper for delivery to a family in need at Christmas. Numbered Hamper Cards are available that note the general nature of a family. You can select one that interests you or take any one. The Hamper Cards are available at the back of the Churches. Hamper boxes are also available for packing your hampers.

On the weekend of 12-13 November 2022, please take a hamper card and return your hamper on the weekend of 3-4 December 2022. For Our Lady of Perpetual Succour parishioners, the hampers should be left at the back of the Church. The hampers returned to Sacred Heart should be placed in the Prayer Room.

Please complete the control sheet when taking a Hamper Card for our tracking processes. You should also mark the hamper boxes with the hamper number and the Hamper Card itself should be attached to the first hamper box. If you missed out on a numbered Hamper Card, you can still make up a hamper and attach a card to it marked with the number "00". Every hamper will find a home.

If your hamper includes more than one box, be sure to mark boxes, in marking pen, with "1 of 2" and "2 of 2", etc so that they can be kept together as a set.

If you are not able to assist with a hamper, then you are invited to make a cash donation. Envelopes for this purpose are an insert in the Parish Bulletin for your convenience. If your details are on the envelope, you will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the St Vincent de Paul Society and by those we are able to help.

Christmas Hamper Content Suggestions

Christmas Stocking
Christmas Pudding
Dried Fruit
Canned Ham
Peanut butter
Cans of Salad Vegetables  
Christmas Cake
Tea/Coffee Milo
Mince Pies
Cake Mix
Pasta Sauce (jar)
Large Cans of Tuna
Long Life Custard
Rice crackers
Large Cans of Fruit
Baked Beans and Spaghetti
Long Life Milk and Cream
Breakfast Cereal
Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc)

Important: Please do not include alcohol, and no chocolate please (it's going to melt).

Remember: A wrapped hamper looks better, but please use strong wrapping paper or cellophane so that it does not tear as it is being transported.