Coronavirus Procedures

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Parish Coronavirus Procedures

Sydney Lockdown: We have been in a Health regulation lockdown which cancelled all Parish church services and events. Vaccinations have now progressed to the extent that NSW has scheduled a series of progressive reductions in the lockdown regulations.

NSW is working to a progressive relaxation of Health restrictions matched to the full vaccination rate of the eligible population as it reaches 70%, 80% and 95%. Parish services and events are returning progressively as these changes are implemented.

Current regulations are based on an extension of a fully vaccinated rate of 80%. Our Parish adjustments are given below.

  • Church services are operating to normal schedules.
  • A musician and cantor may be present. However, congregational singing is not permitted.
  • Weddings and funerals are not limited if all persons attending are fully vaccinated.
  • All facilities are subject to the two square metre rule, registration via the NSW Service QR function and the wearing of masks.
  • Parish facilities other than the churches are only available to fully vaccinated visitors.
  • Online gatherings continue to be part of ordinary Parish life.
  • The online Mass service from the Parish has been discontinued.
  • NSW government information on the 8 November 2021 regulations

Under the two square metre rule, the capacity of the Sacred Heart church in Pymble is 260 and the capacity of the Our Lady of Perpetual Succour church in West Pymble is 130.

When around other people, it is important to maintain physical distancing, good hygiene procedures and to use a face mask.

We thank you for your incredible generosity, continued support and patience during these very difficult and trying times for our Parish community and the world.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Parish office if you have any questions

Further Information

Please be aware that NSW health regulations are under constant review.

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