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Providence and Vocation in "Father Stu"

A Bishop Robert Barron video

A new film by Mark Wahlberg, "Father Stu", is one of the most theologically interesting films in a long time. It considers some of the thorniest and most puzzling themes in the sacred science, including the nature of vocation, the purpose of suffering in the divine plan, the role of supernatural agency, the dynamics of redemption, and perhaps most thoroughly, the mystery of God’s providence. In the video below, Bishop Robert Barron makes some simple comments on the nature of vocation and God's providence.

Bishop Robert Barron comments on the nature of vocation and God's providence

The movie "Father Stu" was released in the US for Easter 2022 and includes Mark Wahlberg as Father Stu, with Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver. Father Stu is likely to be made available online via Netflix.

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