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Bach Akademie presents In Bach's Orbit

The Bach Akademie orchestra is dedicated to performing the works of J.S. Bach. As part of their 2022 season, the orchestra now presents "In Bach's Orbit" at Our Lady of Dolours Church in Chatswood.

Sunday, 25 September 2022
Our Lady of Dolours Church
94 Archer Street Chatswood

The question of why and how a true genius becomes a true genius is one many artists and scholars have contemplated, and cannot answer without debating the argument of nature versus nurture. ‘In Bach’s Orbit’ explores the key figures in the life of Bach who inevitably influenced and guided him throughout his life, both personally and musically, featuring renowned Australian countertenor Russell Harcourt. We explore music by J.S. Bach’s much-cherished father in law Johann Christoph Bach, his great hero Dieterich Buxtehude, whom he famously walked 280 miles to hear, and Vivaldi who was greatly admired by Bach, as was Telemann. And then there was Pachelbel, his treasured family friend. Each of these titans of music held a very special place in J.S. Bach’s life. Their music, and that of Bach is inevitably woven together, orbiting, influencing and ultimately producing the great art we celebrate today.

In Bach's Orbit


J.C. Bach Lamento ‘Ach, dass ich Wassers gnug hätte’
Buxtehude Praeludium in G minor BuxWV 163 (Nathan Cox)
Vivaldi Nisi Dominus


Telemann Concerto for 4 violins in G major TWV 40:201
Pachelbel Suite No. 4 in E minor from Musikalische Ergötzung P. 373
J.S. Bach Cantata ‘Geist und Seele wird verwirret’ BWV 35


The Bach Akadamie performs the Easter Oratorio on Palm Sunday at Our Lady of Dolours Chatswood.
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