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Music Within Our Parish

An opportunity to become involved

Do you play a musical instrument, love to sing, or are just looking for a way to get involved in the parish?

We would love you to join with us.


The parish has a need for additional singers and musicians. You could join in with a current group, be on standby as a fill-in when needed, or form your own group, or choir, or even as a solo and take an available regular time allocation in the roster (1st Sunday of the month). Your commitment would be one weekend each month.


We are all able to follow along with the mass and participate in the singing thanks to our many projectionists. But again, we need people to assist with this work. Projectionists control the equipment on the day using material prepared and loaded by others in advance.

Please contact Bruno Carbone via the parish office for more information or to express interest in any of these activities.

Further information on our Music Ministry