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Pastoral Works Broken Bay is the new name for the previous Charitable Works Fund.

This new name better reflects the authentic, life-giving pastoral work we are helping to support and is a name that uniquely connects this work to our Diocese of Broken Bay.

Pastoral Works Broken Bay has a vital role building on the pastoral priorities for the Broken Bay Diocese, including providing important support to life-changing ministries, nurturing families, and parish communities.

Each year, about 20,000 families and friends - those in hospitals, schools, parishes, and the wider community - will be assisted through the generous support of our parish community donors to Pastoral Works Broken Bay.

A new name signifies fresh purpose and direction. In Scripture, for example, we read God changed Abram’s name to Abraham or Simon’s name to Peter.

Support for Pastoral Works Broken Bay means we can be there during times of need, renewing and rebuilding lives. Pastoral Works Broken Bay supports the five charities below.

  • Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Practitioners - Helping those who are vulnerable, experiencing loneliness or sick in hospital.
  • Confraternity of Christian Doctrine - Catechists taking the gospel to State school students.
  • St Edmund’s College - Serving year 7-12 students with disability.
  • St Lucy’s School - Serving year K-12 students with disability.
  • Ephpheta Centre - Pastoral care, sacraments, and advocacy for the deaf community.

Every gift to Pastoral Works Broken Bay makes a difference to someone in hospital, school, parish or the wider community.

We encourage you to support Pastoral Works Broken Bay.

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