Perth 2022

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Salvatorians Meet in Perth WA

During the week of 16 May 2022, the Australian Salvatorian community gathered together in Currambine WA for personal development and reflection at the Salvatorian Spirituality Centre.

It was an opportunity for the Australian community to spend time together and also to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood of Fr Ireneusz Czech and birthdays for a number of the community including the community superior Fr George Kolodziej.

Below are selected photographs from the activity in Perth. The photographs show Fr George Kolodziej and Fr Ireneusz Czech, meeting activity and the Currambine venue.

Perth Meeting 2022 01
Perth Meeting 2022 02
Perth Meeting 2022 03
Perth Meeting 2022 04
Perth Meeting 2022 05
Perth Meeting 2022 06
Perth Meeting 2022 07