Short Book List

Another book list for lockdown reading

Below are two books you might want to try during lockdown. These books seek to rediscover who Jesus is and the joy of faith. Included in the list is a link to an online purchase option for each book.

You may also like to review our extended book list at the link below.

Our extended book list for lockdown reading

Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in Our World
Greg SheridanShort Book List Cover 01
Greg Sheridan has been foreign editor for The Australian for over twenty years and is one of Australia’s most highly respected journalists. His previous book, God is Good for You was a kind of “coming out” for him, given the nature of his public presence. This book is a follow-up, one that seeks to do two things. First, to explore the historial nature of the New Testament and whether or not we can trust it as historically reliable. Second, to investigate new movements springing up all over the world where the Gospel is being creatively communicated in a hostile culture. More than anything else, this is a book of hope. It leaves you feeling excited by the Scriptures – with all of its humanness and energy and weirdness – and wanting to find proactive, creative ways to plant the Gospel in today’s world.


Jesus of Nazareth
Pope Benedict XVIShort Book List Cover 02
Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth trilogy is rightly famous. Even though he was Pope at the time, he did not write it as the Pope but as a theologian; as someone who had always wanted to write a book on the person of Jesus Christ. Benedict is a theologian of the highest calibre, yet remarkably this book is one that doesn’t leave you feeling lost in the ivory tower of academia. It is in many ways a personal meditation on who Jesus is from one of the most influential Catholic minds of the last century. At the heart of these books is the simple truth (although not really so simple) that in Jesus we can begin to see the face of God.