Parish News

Parish Music 2 stamp

Parish Music

An opportunity to become involved in our musical activity

ANZAC Day 2020 stamp

Remembrance Day

They gave their today for your tomorrow

Individual stamp


A reflection on God's love of each individual by St Augustine of Hippo

Polish Donuts stamp

Polish Donuts

Pączki for sale supporting the Salvatorian Seminaries

Save the Date stamp

Save the Date

An opportunity to participate in Parish fundraising events

HSC Exam stamp

Prayer for HSC Students

A prayer in support of the HSC students

Pymble 30th Anniversary stamp

30 Year Aniversary

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Sacred Heart Church in Pymble

Oxygen of the Soul stamp

Oxygen of the Soul

St Pio of Pietrelcino reflects on the value of prayer

Meaningful Life stamp

Meaningful Life

Bishop Robert Barron discusses how to live a meaningful life

All Souls 2020 stamp

All Souls

November is the month we remember the dead - we present some easy ways to be involved

Eucharist Quotation stamp


Pope Pius X reflects on the Eucharist

Christ Inclusive Quotation stamp

Christ Inclusive

Pope John Paul II asks that we include Christ in our everyday activity

Personal Check in Card stamp

Personal Check in Card

The Parish provides facilities for the use of a personal COVID check in card

Be Not Afraid stamp

Be Not Afraid

Bay Connect: On the feast of St John Paul II we celebrate the life of this great saint

Doors Open stamp

Doors Open

The second step in the progressive relaxation of lockdown restrictions now allow us to gather in prayer again