Parish News

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RCIA 2021

The Catholic faith in the 21st Century

Weekly Rosary stamp

Weekly Rosary

Invitation to the Pymble Parish Online weekly Rosary

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We owe it to our family, friends and the wider community

Thrive by Five stamp

Thrive by Five

Molly Wright explains to the world why it is important for adults to connect with children

Happiness stamp


A reflection on the value of helping others by St Mary MacKillop

Imagine stamp


Bishop Robert Barron, the Tokyo Olympics and a popular music hit

Mary MacKillop stamp

St Mary MacKillop

Celebrating the feast of St Mary MacKillop (1842 - 1909)

Priest stamp

Support Your Priest Sunday

Catholic priests commemorate their ordination on or near the feast of St John Mary Vianney

ACMG 2020 stamp

Men’s Gathering

Australian Catholic Men’s Gathering presented as a digital delivery

Time Quotation stamp


A reflection of the value of time and the the duty of the moment by St Augustine of Hippo

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SRE at Home

Online support for your at home Religious Education activity

Actions Quotation stamp


A reflection on the power of your example by St Anthony of Padua

Charitable Giving stamp

Charitable Giving

A new analysis of charitable giving during the pandemic

Potential Quotation stamp


A reflection on everyone's potential by St Catherine of Siena

Prison of Self-Invention stamp

Prison of Self-Invention

Bishop Robert Barron and the objectivity of truth and moral values