Parish News

Deacons Conference stamp

Deacons Conference

Biennial opportunity for deacons and their associates to come together

Sea Sunday stamp

Sea Sunday

Stella Maris: Offering hospitality and pastoral care to the people of the sea

Assistant Priest stamp

Assistant Priest

We welcome into our community our new assistant Parish priest

Peter and Paul stamp

Peter and Paul

We celebrate the feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Perpetual Succour stamp

Perpetual Succour

We celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Forgiveness stamp


The Abdallahs from Sydney speak to the World Meeting of Families at the Vatican

Ad Astra stamp

Ad Astra

Invitation to join the next Broken Bay Ad Astra youth leaders program

Sacred Heart stamp

Sacred Heart

Celebration of the liturgical solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, symbol of God’s love and mercy for humanity

Sacred Heart stamp

Sacred Heart Feast

We celebrate the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Global Rosary stamp

Rosary Relay

Annual Global Rosary Relay for the sanctification of priests

Christ’s Message stamp

Christ’s Message

Connect with Christ’s message from Fr Ireneusz by podcast at Podbean

Planned Giving stamp

Planned Giving Program

Invitation to participate in the Parish Planned Giving program

Clergy Conference stamp

Clergy Conference

Broken Bay clergy come together for their annual conference

Life Changing stamp

Life Changing

Connect with Fr Ireneusz and his life changing messages at Youtube

SVDP stamp

Winter Appeal

St Vincent de Paul Society Winter Appeal seeking to help women and children escape violence