28 Chapters of Acts in 28 Days

Promoting reading of Acts of Apostles in 2019

Acts of the Apostles

Read the 28 Chapters in 28 days and finish the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday. We start on Sunday 14 May.

Many in the group who completed the 21Challenge of reading John’s Gospel before Easter want to continue reading and discovering how the Holy Spirit was at work in our world in the lives of the Apostles, especially Peter and Paul.

  • Have you ever read The Actos of the Apostles by Luke? Challenge yourself by reading a chapter a day.


  • Just try it. Commit to reading the first Chapter, where Jesus says ~ “You will be baptised with the Holy Spirit” Acts 1:5
    Some are already signed up to this challenge. You read then reflect. You can add a comment on WhatsApp.  You will be a member of a group, a virtual group that is open to all! To do this, you will need a copy of Acts of the Apostles or the New Testament.
  • You will discover so much! Please sign up by texting ‘28’ to 0435 031 848, so you receive more information and can join this conversation.

Acts of the Apostles, a copy is available in the sacristy at the Churches or at the parish office. This Good News version will fit into your pocket or purse. Prepare your mind and open your heart for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Discover the difference the Holy Spirit made and only the Holy Spirit can make by changing our minds from ignorance and our hearts from indifference