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1. St Teresa of Avila is one of the Church’s greatest mystics, yet her teaching on prayer is down to earth and accessible to all. Bishop David Walker will lead us through the works and teachings of St Teresa of Avila on 6 Wednesdays 10.15am – 11.30am from May 10th, St Gerard’s Meeting Room.  Please RSVP via the sign up sheets in the church so that we can order a copy of The Way of Perfection for you for $15.

2. The First Spiritual Exercises: Many people find that they can recite prayers, but don’t know what else to say when they pray. Others find that prayer is a one-sided conversation but don’t know how to hear God’s response. The First Spiritual Exercises is a five week introduction to Ignatian (Jesuit) prayer which scaffolds a way of personal prayer and a deep listening. We gather in small groups for 90 minutes each week at which we are led through an exercise of prayer. We then spend 20-30 minutes in prayer each day during the following week, then come together to share the fruit our prayer and to experience the next prayer exercise.

Groups will meet starting the week of May 22nd: Groups are limited to 6 people plus a facilitator, so sign up using the sheet at the back of the church. 

  • Mondays 10am St Gerard’s Church
  • Mondays 7.30pm OLHC Church
  • Tuesdays 7.30pm St Gerard’s Hall
  • Wednesdays 7.30pm OLHC Church
  • Thursdays 1.30pm St Gerard’s Meeting Room

3. Gifts Discernment: The Call and Gifted course is a great short intensive to unpack the charisms of the Holy Spirit. The charisms are supernatural graces given to each of us at Baptism from God to bear results for the kingdom of God beyond our normal human abilities.  All of us have received a unique combination of charisms to equip us for our mission in life. This course is excellent for anyone who haven't heard of the charisms before, or for people who want to learn more about the Holy Spirit and what gifts God has graced you. We will be inviting a speaker from Canberra to teach us this amazing content.

  • 6th May, Sat 7pm-9pm
  •  7th May, Sun 10am-4:30pm
  • Cost $30 which includes meals and any worksheets and materials
  • Location: St Gerard’s Meeting Room,
  • Link to register

'Having completed this course in 2022, I highly recommend it and has changed my ministry life. God has done truly miraculous things through his gifts of the charisms' -Joanna (Youth Minister)

4.  Men Alive is a weekend retreat to help men of all ages become the best man, husband and father he can be (though it’s for both married and unmarried men). We’ll be holding this at St Gerard’s on the weekend of June 17 – 18, all day Saturday and half day Sunday.  To book