Social Justice

Justice 2024

Part of our Catholic faith is that we are committed to social justice, that is, the transformation of society into a place where God’s justice takes place. In 2023 our parish social justice group focused on environment, refugees, and supporting women and children at risk. In 2024 we will continue these and we are actively discerning new areas where we can lead the parish to learn about, pray about, and do something about areas of injustice in the world.


We’re continuing to partner with Whirl Recycling to provide pathways to reduce landfill. On Jan 14th between 8.30am and 10.30am you can bring your electronics to the St Gerard’s carpark for recycling with “If it has a cord, is a cord, runs on a battery, working or not, we keep it out landfill”. 

On Sunday March 3rd, we will host a cleanup site within our parish. Venue TBC. Come and get your hands dirty (or better still, wear gloves!) for a good cause.


We partner with Jesuit Refugee Services ( who provide practical assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. We take up a monthly collection of particular foodstuffs and toiletries (both churches on Jan 27th & 28th). JRS also needs volunteers who can assist with language, study and work skills.

A Bigger Voice

We as Catholics sometimes lament the waning influence of the Church in the values of our secular society. In 2024 we are joining The Sydney Alliance ( so that we partner with a broad coalition of civil society groups working for the common good in Sydney and beyond.

Come and take part in the two day Community Leaders training on Saturday March 2nd and Sat March 9th which teaches valuable skills in communication, advocacy and community organising.

Keep an eye on our noticeboards, the parish bulletin and the parish website for updates throughout the year. For further information, please contact the Parish Office