Both Carlingford and Epping communities are involved in a wide range of ecumenical activities with other Christian Churches in the area.

At Pentecost 2004, a formal covenant was entered into by the Catholic community at Epping, the Anglican Parish of Epping, and Epping Uniting Church, Epping. This covenant gave formal expression to many of the joint activities that were shared by our three communities and expressed a commitment to continue these activities. As a result of an extended relationship that developed between our Catholic community at Carlingford and West Epping Uniting Church and Carlingford Baptist Church in Advent 2008.

An extended covenant, see below, is currently shared by our parish of Epping and Carlingford, the Anglican Parish of Epping, Epping Uniting Church, West Epping Uniting Church and Epping Baptist Church.

Ecumenical Agreement

Each of the churches in our covenant group share a series of five weekly Ecumenical Liturgies during the Season of Lent. There is also a liturgy at Pentecost and in Advent. The clergy from the Churches preach to their neighbouring congregations once each year. There is also an annual joint sitting of the Parish Councils of each of our Churches in the covenant group.

Other ecumenical activities in our local area include:

  • Carols in the Park: held each December is organised by the various Christian Churches in the area.
  • Food for Thought: Occasional lunch gatherings, known as Food for Thought, originally an initiative of the Catholic community at Epping, St Alban's Anglican Church and Epping Uniting Church but now supported by all members of our covenant group, are held with various interesting speakers being invited to discuss relevant issues.