Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Epping & Carlingford!

Our churches are open and we have recommenced Masses at the usual times!

Monday               9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Reconciliation and Adoration OLHC

Tuesday              12.15pm Mass   OLHC

Wednesday          9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Mass OLHC

Thursday             9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          12.15pm Mass OLHC

Friday                  9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s         12.15pm Mass OLHC

                            7.30pm  Reconciliation and Adoration  St Gerard’s 

Saturday              9.15am Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation OLHC

                          6pm Vigil Mass   St Gerard's         5pm Vigil Mass OLHC

Sunday                7.45am Mass     St Gerard’s          8.30am Mass OLHC

                          9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          10.15am Mass OLHC

              6pm Mass OLHC 

On Sunday Oct 24th , we will also offer an additional Mass at 11.30amas 10.15am is usually the parish’s largest Mass and may exceed the 100 person cap. 

As per the NSW Government roadmap, churches will now be open to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Masks will be required and electronic check-in using the Service NSW app, a Service NSW Check-in card, or a computer tablet which will be at the door of each church. There will be welcomers at each weekend Mass to assist you.


We are having intermittent difficulty with our main office phone. Try our alternate number 9869 0434

or call 0455 213 795 if you cannot reach the parish office.