Publications in-between bulletins

On this page we will include important news to supplement of news bulletins

LifePak CR2 Essential Semi or Fully Automatic Defibrillator Bundle with  White Powdercoated Cabinet with Alarm and Strobe | Defibrillators Australia

Defibrillator: You may have noticed at the entrance to the Church that we have installed a portable defibrillator for emergencies. A defibrillator is a device that sends an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat. An instructional video is available hereWhile this video shows everything about our defibrillator, this link will start at the training section at 5 min 42secs. Our defibrillator uses voice prompts to guide you should you need to use it. Please note that there may be several reasons someone may have collapsed and is unresponsive. There is a priority of things to do immediately, like calling 000, checking airways and CPR. An easy-to-use checklist will be available in the defibrillator cabinet. We are considering training for interested parishioners. Please email or call Richard Houwing to express your interest: or phone 9876 2853.