Youth Ministry

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Youth Ministry is an important part of our two communities. Joanna Mak, our Youth Ministry Co-ordinator organises various activities for young people and young adults, ranging from on-going groups through to one-off activities. Each fortnight the parish bulletin has a section with details of the forthcoming activities.

There are 3 youth groups that our parish runs: Cana (year 6-9), Antioch (year 10-23 year old) and Emmaus Young Adults (23-30 year old). 

Antioch (year 10-23years old)

Antioch is a group for young people, run by young people, from Year 10 upwards to 23 years old. The group meets every Sunday from 6-8pm at St Gerard's Parish Meeting Room, with monthly game/social nights. Antioch aims to give young Catholics a supportive community, and a chance to develop their faith with friends. The normal introduction is through one of the two-weekend experiences held each year, but anyone is welcome to join in on one of the regular meetings. Our usual meetings consist of a range of activities including music, talks, share groups, prayer, games and food.

Antioch is greatly involved within Parish life and have a strong focus on social justice. Antioch assists in various events throughout the year including: re-enacting the Stations of the Cross for Good Friday, providing regular music for Mass and in particular for Christmas Eve and Holy Thursday, singing Christmas carols at a nursing home, supporting the Angel tree program, sponsoring a child and much more.

Antioch takes its name from the place of one of the first known Christian communities in Acts 11:26 "It was at Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians". Antioch is a global community, with Antioch groups around Sydney, Australia and worldwide. Antioch meets with the other Sydney communities yearly and at combined events.

Join our Antioch group on Facebook to catch up on our latest news and meet others!

If you would like further information, please contact the Youth Minister Joanna Mak or the parent couple via the Parish Office.

Antioch will be having a meeting this Sunday, 26th March! And Antioch easter egg hunt on the 2nd April!


Cana (year 6-9)

Our junior youth group is named Cana and serves school children between Years 6 to 9. This group has activities each Friday evening during the school terms from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Carlingford Parish Hall. This is a great opportunity for children to gather together, have fun and grow deeper in their faith and strengthen friendships in a welcoming and safe environment. Two times each term, Cana will have a fun activity such as an Easter Egg Hunt, movie and pizza nights, bonfire evenings, waterfights, painting or going out for laser tag/excursion. 

Cana will next meet on the 31st March, 2023. We will be having an Easter egg hunt! 
Cana is named after the place where Jesus performed his first miracle in John 2:11: “The first of these miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana.” 

Emmaus Young Adults (23-30year old)

In 2020, our parish started a young adults group for people aged 23-30 years old. This was to help young adults meet and form a community while helping ongoing formation and faith.

We meet once a fortnight on Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm at St Gerard’s Meeting room (543 North Rocks Rd, Carlingford) with monthly social activities/hikes. Our Emmaus meetings rotate having 'talk nights, Gospel nights and community nights'. On the community nights, we order dinner and have games/board games. Emmaus next meets on the 4th April, 7-8:30pm and we will have an easter egg hunt.

Emmaus was the name chosen for this group and appears in Luke 24:13 "On that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem." The road to Emmaus is where Jesus first appeared to two of his disciples after his resurrection. As young adults, we are walking and journeying with the risen Jesus.



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Joanna can be contacted via her mobile 0404 710 588 or email