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Planned Giving Program

The Planned Giving program is an opportunity for parishioners to support Parish finances with a commitment to donate funds at regular intervals. Parishioners are able to participate via a traditional envelope donation system or can donate through monthly credit or debit card donations (see below).

Further information on the Parish Planned Giving program

Regular Donation by Direct Debit

You may make regular automatic donations directly to the Parish via direct debit using a credit or debit card. A donation card account may be any VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card. Direct debit transactions will be processed by the Parish on the 15th of each month.

You may submit your card account details by making contact with the Parish office or by submitting your details via an on-line form at the link below.

Direct Debit

Online Card Payment

Incidental online donations or payments may be made to the Parish using BPoint. BPoint is a service of the Commonwealth Bank, ABN 481 2312 3124.

The BPoint service provides a simple way for you to make individual online payments directly to the Pymble Catholic Parish. The facility also allows you to mark the payment with a transaction description.

Payment may be made by any VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card or by any MasterPass digital wallet.

The link below will take you to the BPoint facility for the Pymble Catholic Parish.


BPoint payment service by the Commonwealth Bank

Bank Transfer

Payments may be made directly to the Pymble Parish via a bank to bank transfer. If such a payment method is required, please make direct contact with the Parish office so that a suitable procedure can be provided.

When making a bank transfer, please include your name in the transfer details. The bank will also provide a provision to transfer a limited payment description, or "reference". Please use the following text for the reference field.

Payment Context Reference Text
General donation to the Parish Donation
First Collection 1st Collect
Second Collection 2nd Collect
Mass intention Intention

EFTPOS Terminal banner

Electronic Donation Terminal

The Parish has available at each church, tap and pay EFTPOS terminals that allow $5, $10, or $20 donations as well as "any amount" donations to be made to the Pymble Catholic Parish. Donations may be made at any time. These terminals (two at each church) are located at the entrance way of the church. Each terminal is clearly marked as First Collection or Second Collection. Choose the terminal to use based on the Collection you wish to make a donation to.

These terminals may be used with any contactless credit or debit card, telephone, watch or similar tap-to-pay device.

Note: unlike other payment methods, donations made via these devices are not tax deductible. These transactions are accepted as a non specific donation.

The terminals are a service by the Commonwealth Bank, ABN 481 2312 3124. The terminals are provided by the Commonwealth Bank and EFTPOS transaction processing is performed by the Commonwealth Bank.