Community Life

There are many ways that you can be involved in the Parish community life, and we'd love to hear from you: 

Ecumenism Ministry

Our parish is committed to developing relationships with other Christian Churches in the St Ives Interchurch group. If you would like to become involved in this ministry please contact the parish office.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is currently undergoing changes.  Watch this space!

Piety Stall Ministry

At the rear of our church is a piety stall that provides a range of religious items and literature for personal use or for gifts.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the principal leadership body in the parish and consists of the Parish Priest and Assistant Priest, the Principal of the Parish school and elected representatives from the parish community. If you would like to participate on this council please discuss with the parish office or parish priest.

Wardens, Counters and Finance Committee

Wardens take up collections at all Masses. Counters count and record collections every Sunday after 10.00am Mass. If you can assist as a warden or counter please advise the parish office.

Finance committee members assist the Parish Priest with all financial matters in the Parish. Finance committee members would usually have a background in accounting and business management. If you have these skills and would be available to attend monthly meetings, please advise the parish office or parish priest.

Parish Staff, Maintenance and Parish Hall Ministry

Parish team is responsible for coordinating parish office activities and secretarial assistance to Parish Priest and participates in the pastoral care of the parish and support to the leaders of the parish ministries. Parish Hall responsibilities include organising the cleaning, maintenance and security of parish hall and booking the parish hall. Maintenance ministry is responsible for keeping the buildings and grounds in order so that our Church looks cared for and welcoming.