We are always seeking new people who might be able to assist us in all these ministries and we'd love to hear from you.

Liturgy Committee

Our committee oversees and promotes faith education in the Parish. At parish level there are special Lenten discussion groups, occasional speakers and special activities throughout the year. The Liturgy committee is also involved in the preparation of our major liturgical seasons and celebrations. If you are interested in participating, please contact the parish office.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass

The primary role of the Eucharistic Ministers is to assist with the distribution of communion at Mass. We need sufficient ministers at each Sunday Mass to assist with the distribution of both the Body and the Blood of the Lord.

Lector Ministry

The Proclamation of the Word is a key feature of the Mass. Our readers are rostered over a month to be of service at each of our Sunday Masses

Serving at Mass – Acolyte, Senior and Junior Servers Ministry

Our senior servers prepare for the celebration of a Sunday Mass and serve the liturgy. Junior servers assist during the celebration of Sunday Mass. Children are invited to become Altar Servers after their First Holy Communion

Music Ministry

  • Musicians 

As we strive to have music at all our Sunday celebrations, we are always on the lookout for Pianists to form a roster. As well, we have many other celebrations that require a pianist, particularly funerals and weddings, and other liturgical celebrations.

  • Choir/Cantors

We have a number of fine singers who lead the congregation in singing at our Sunday celebrations of Mass. New cantors are always welcome. Cantors are also required for celebrations such as funerals and weddings and other liturgical events.

Children’s Choir – 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.00am Mass

Parish Choir – 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 10.00am Mass

Rock Mass - To be advised.

Children’s Liturgy

This liturgy, for primary school children, is celebrated every Sunday during the school term at the 10.00 am Mass. Children leave the Church after the entrance song. They pray, listen to Gospel readings for the Sunday and may use a worksheet relating to the reading. They return to the Church for the Offertory Procession and re-join their families. A roster of volunteer parents and others run the program for children attending this Sunday Mass during term time.

Parish Catechists in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

Jesus says to his disciples, “Go out into all the world and preach the Good News.” A catechist has the joy of spreading this Good News to the Catholic children in the Primary Schools within our parish. Our team of catechists are trained and resourced to make this a meaningful experience for both children and catechist alike. This rewarding form of discipleship does not require an in-depth knowledge of Catholic doctrine as resources are fully provided. The catechist brings a deep love of Jesus and love for children. It takes a little time to prepare and give your lesson once a week. It is also possible to attend classes once a week in a supportive role to our catechist.

Our team is currently teaching over 400 students in St Ives Primary, St Ives North Primary, St Ives Park Primary, Turramurra North Primary and St Ives Secondary schools.

We are always seeking new people who might be able to assist us in this ministry.

Children’s Sacramental Program

This program helps prepare members of our parish to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist. It is facilitated by our Sacramental Program Co-ordinator and draws assistance from parents of the children in the program who act as session leaders for the weeks over which the program is conducted. We prepare for Reconciliation in February/March; Confirmation in May/June; First Eucharist in July/August.

Welcoming and Hospitality Ministry

As we strive to be a community known for its welcome, this team of people welcomes those attending Corpus Christi for Mass and for worship. The team also arranges morning tea after the 10.00am Mass on Sunday mornings and after special liturgies.

Ecumenism Ministry

Our parish is committed to developing relationships with other Christian Churches in the St Ives Interchurch group. If you would like to become involved in this ministry please contact the parish office.

Communion to the Sick, Elderly and Housebound

Within our parish is situated a number of nursing care facilities. A dedicated set of parishioners take the Eucharist to Catholics who are present in these facilities and also provide pastoral visits to those who are sick, elderly or housebound. We are always seeking new people who might be able to assist us in this ministry.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society is named after St. Vincent de Paul who lived in France between 1581 and 1660 and whose life was dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. Members of the Society are people who live out their faith in action by visiting people in their homes to provide support, friendship and material assistance. People who are being assisted by the SVDP are often provided with food vouchers, furniture, clothing and household goods.

The Corpus Christi Conference conducts two appeals in the parish each year in winter and at Christmas. Located at the rear of the church is a SVDP clothing bin and there is a SVDP shop in the St Ives shopping precinct on Mona Vale Rd.

The parish also participates in a Christmas Hamper Appeal each December, arranged by the Mt Druitt parish priest, to assist families in the Mt Druitt community in western Sydney.

Social Justice Ministry

Justice is about fairness. Social justice concerns the relationship between different groups in society and examines whether all groups in society receive what is due to them in fairness or not. We are called to live in right relationship with others, to love and serve our neighbours. Treating people and groups in society fairly is the minimum that we should do. (Extract from Faith Doing Justice, published by the Australian Jesuits)

Corpus Christi parish has a very active group of people dedicated to the pursuit of social justice for all. This group, known as the Corpus Christi Parish Social Justice Group (CCSJ), has the following objectives:

  • To develop and nurture our commitment to social justice for all people
  • To promote awareness of social justice issues
  • To support and encourage social justice activities, and
  • To engage in social justice activities as resources allow

Please contact John Lenehan at for further information.

Altar Society Ministry

Members of the Altar Society contribute in a great variety of ways, working behind the scenes, attending to the needs of the Church Sacristy (washing, ironing), and keeping our beautiful sanctuary and church clean.

Floral Arrangers Ministry

Our beautiful sanctuary and our liturgical celebrations are enhanced by floral displays. Do you have flowers you can contribute? Might you be interested in joining a roster to ensure that our church enjoys the beauty of flowers? Your generosity and/or expertise would be most appreciated.

Altar Linen Ministry

This practical ministry entails laundering the linen which is used for distribution of Holy Communion. The ironed linen is folded in a correct manner. Responsibilities include collecting used linen from the Sacristy following 6pm Mass on Sunday evening and returning the laundered linen by the following weekend.

Piety Stall Ministry

At the rear of our church is a piety stall that provides a range of religious items and literature for personal use or for gifts. It is opened each Sunday morning after the 10.00am Mass. Would you like to be rostered to staff the stall so that it might be open more often?

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the principal leadership body in the parish and consists of the Parish Priest and Assistant Priest, the Principal of the Parish school and elected representatives from the parish community. If you would like to participate on this council please discuss with the parish office or parish priest.

Wardens, Counters and Finance Committee

Wardens are responsible for organising the collections at weekend Masses. You are put on a roster once every 8 weeks, during the Sunday Mass normally attended.

Counters count and record collections every Sunday after 10.00am Mass. If you can assist as a warden or counter please advise the parish office.

Finance committee members assist the Parish Priest with all financial matters in the Parish. Finance committee members would usually have a background in accounting and business management. If you have these skills and would be available to attend monthly meetings please advise the parish office or parish priest.

Parish Staff, Maintenance and Parish Hall Ministry

Parish team is responsible for coordinating parish office activities and secretarial assistance to Parish Priest and participates in the pastoral care of the parish and support to the leaders of the parish ministries. Parish Hall responsibilities include organising the cleaning, maintenance and security of parish hall and booking the parish hall. Maintenance ministry is responsible for keeping the buildings and grounds in order so that our Church looks cared for and welcoming.