Devotion and Prayer Times

Prayer of the Church
(Morning Prayer)

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6.10am; Thursday 8.50am


Immediately after weekday Mass except for Thursday at 8.40am and Saturday at 8.35am

Sacrament of Anointing - Healing Mass/Anointing Mass

2nd Thursday each month at the 9.15am Mass or at any time by request

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday from 9.30am to10.00am or contact one of the priests anytime

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Immediately after Mass Saturday 9.30am-10.00am concluding with Benediction


Every 4th Sunday of the month after 10am Mass at 11:30am. Please make an appointment through the parish office


By appointment, at least six months in advance

Visitation to the Sick – Reconciliation and Anointing

At any time day or night. Please telephone the parish office - after hours the parish office telephone is redirected to a parish priest