Dear Fellow Parishioners,
  As you probably know the money given in the first collection goes to support our Carmelite priests. The money given in the second collection is for the running expenses of the Parish.
It remains our collective responsibility to continue to support our priests and our Parish.
To facilitate this, we are encouraging Parishioners to make regular EFT contributions proportionate to what you would normally put on the first collection.  Please contact the Parish office on 9144 6998 to get the bank account details.
If you choose, you can set this up as a recurring transaction on a weekly or monthly basis until this situation has passed.
We are also encouraging those Parishioners who do not currently contribute by way of a monthly pledged amount via credit card payment to please make their regular second collection contribution by way of an EFT.  Please contact the Parish Office on 9144 6998 for the bank account details.
If you are already an envelope holder and making a payment by EFT please include your envelope number and surname in the message section.
If you would like to contribute by way of a credit card please call the Parish office on 9144 6998 to arrange or complete the attached form.
Thank you in anticipation of your generosity in this matter. I know that Fr Greg Chee and the other Carmelite priests will be extremely grateful if we can continue to look after their basic living expenses.
Kind Regards
Claude Jugmans
Parish Finance Committee