Social Outreach

Communion to the Sick, Elderly and Housebound

Within our parish is situated a number of nursing care facilities. A dedicated set of parishioners take the Eucharist to Catholics who are present in these facilities and also provide pastoral visits to those who are sick, elderly or housebound. We are always seeking new people who might be able to assist us in this ministry.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society is named after St. Vincent de Paul who lived in France between 1581 and 1660 and whose life was dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. Members of the Society are people who live out their faith in action by visiting people in their homes to provide support, friendship and material assistance. People who are being assisted by the SVDP are often provided with food vouchers, furniture, clothing and household goods.

The Corpus Christi Conference conducts two appeals in the parish each year in winter and at Christmas. Located at the rear of the church is a SVDP clothing bin and there is a SVDP shop in the St Ives shopping precinct on Mona Vale Rd.

The parish also participates in a Christmas Hamper Appeal each December, arranged by the Mt Druitt parish priest, to assist families in the Mt Druitt community in western Sydney.

We are always seeking new people who might be able to assist us in this ministry.

Social Justice Ministry

Justice is about fairness. Social justice concerns the relationship between different groups in society and examines whether all groups in society receive what is due to them in fairness or not. We are called to live in right relationship with others, to love and serve our neighbours. Treating people and groups in society fairly is the minimum that we should do. (Extract from Faith Doing Justice, published by the Australian Jesuits)

Corpus Christi parish has a very active group of people dedicated to the pursuit of social justice for all. This group, known as the Corpus Christi Parish Social Justice Group (CCSJ), has the following objectives:

  • To develop and nurture our commitment to social justice for all people
  • To promote awareness of social justice issues
  • To support and encourage social justice activities, and
  • To engage in social justice activities as resources allow

Please contact the parish office for further information.