Grow in faith

The mystery of the bible

You will learn:

  • A simple method to remember the historical context of people, places, and events in the Bible
  • How to read every book of the Bible in the context it was intended
  • How to read the Bible with confidence 

Many Catholics want to read the Bible because they know it is God’s Word, but they give up because it seems so complicated. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible helps you get the “big picture” by showing how fourteen narrative books of the Bible tell the complete story from Adam and Eve to Christ and the Church. Presenter Jeff Cavins shows you how to read the Bible so that you can actually understand it.

Unlocking the Bible enriches our Catholic identity. We discover our connection to Abraham and the chosen people of Israel. We understand how Jesus fulfills the promises made to them in the New Covenant. We have been adopted and inherited the new Law of Love.

Join us to Unlock the Mystery of the Bible online

Tuesday 5th October, 10.30 in the morning or 7.30 in the evening.

We offer Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible online and to everyone.

No need to go out. Just go to your computer. You can invite neighbours, friends and family. They can join online from the comfort of their home.

Epping Carlingford Parish supplies the extremely useful workbook that accompanies the course with the sections to read, questions to discuss, lots of information and your copy of the colour coded timeline with the twelve stages in salvation history. 

Everyone needs their own Bible. The Parish has even supplied these, at a subsidized cost of $10.

The 8 weeks course is free.

Register with the coordinator, Denis McNamara. Email ~

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  4. Address to receive the Book for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible.

Around 200 parishioners in Epping Carlingford have Unlocked the Mystery. Some returned to assist others listen to Jeff Cavins, study the Bible and discover their Catholic identity.

The groups are places to meet parishioner and form friendships. One parishioner said We offer each other the sign of peace at Mass. This was the first time we discussed our faith. We came to see why the Mass is so important to us.

If you want to see more, watch the first session where Jeff Cavins explains the importance of Scripture to the Catholic Faith and considers the reasons many Catholics find it so hard to read the Bible. He uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church and The Bible Timeline. He shows how he will explain the story of salvation through the fourteen narrative books of the Bible. View Session 1.

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible provides a foundation for all your future Bible studies. It is a life changing study for Catholics who struggle to read or understand the Bible. 

Denis McNamara Supporting Missionary Disciples

Parishioners have said

“Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible‘, was a very valuable opportunity to develop fundamental understanding of God’s word as God has given us in the Bible.  The combination of home bible reading and preparation; the excellent videos by Jeff Cavins and accompanying workbook; the great group discussions; and the warm and committed environment of parishioners made this a unique turning point in my life.  

The program gave perspective to the parts of the bible already familiar; made books and chapters previously not encountered understandable; and an overall connection with God’s love for us.  I was always humbled and always deeply impressed by the insights and understanding and faith of other group members.   The program taught in simple and clever ways the who, what, when, where and why of key events of the bible.    For someone whose previous bible reading was very limited, this was a terrific overview set of lessons that I would recommend without hesitation.”   - Anthony

What the course does, is what the name of the course says. It makes the Bible easy to engage with. And then it does a lot more. Most people (like me!) had no idea where to start, when trying to read the Bible. They read the Bible from the beginning like you would read any other book. Then they get to Leviticus! They stop. 

Jeff Cavins explains how the bible is not set out in normal narrative order. He shows you how to read the bible, by following the narrative books, but still using the other books of the Bible to enrich your understanding of every other book.

Each session starts with a prayer, a very quick word from the Team Leader then an excellent video by Jeff Cavins. We meet in our group to discuss the questions in the workbook and finish with a prayer.  The homework is not onerous. It is just reading suggested chapters of the Bible.

I cannot tell you how useful and illuminating I found this course. I have decided that I want to do this course every single year until I die. Jeff Cavins is such an inspiring, knowledgeable, and engaging presenter. The time flies in each session. I would highly recommend for everyone to do it.” - Clare


“I was raised Catholic, and so were my Parents and Grandparents. For most of my life as a Catholic, I attended Mass but rarely read the Bible. Looking back, I was hesitant because I did not know where to start, and how I fitted into God’s big picture.  

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible will help you comprehend the “big picture” of the Bible.  It shows how just fourteen books of the Bible, can tell the complete story from Adam and Eve, to Christ and the Church and how the rest of the 59 books fit in.

After completing just 8 sessions, you will be able to read the Bible so that you understand the key people, places, and events of the Bible, in the order that they happened. You will understand what is important, and how you fit into God’s plan. The content for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible is Catholic based and these eight sessions are given by Jeff Cavins, a Catholic evangelist, who you may know from the Catholic TV series “Life on the Rock”

If you’re new to reading the Bible or need a fantastic ‘’Big Picture’’ refresher on God’s Word, this is a wonderful opportunity, not to be missed. I invite you to come and join us as we Unlock the Mysteries of the Bible.” - Leon

Small groups are where people’s faith is nurtured and Christian community develops. Even during lockdown there are a number of ways we can gather online:  

We invite you to choose one.

 The Weekly bible group continues to read and pray with the scriptures of the following week. Friday mornings at 10.30am. Contact for the Zoom link. 

The Men of St Joseph continue to meet each Thursday night talk and pray about how to be, like St Joseph, a man after God’s own heart. Contact Fr Bogdan for the Zoom link.

The online bible reading group is reading through the whole bible in a year with the help of podcasts and videos. Contact Joanna Mak for the links.

The following groups are scheduled to begin shortly, and more details will be confirmed when know that we can gather safely in person:

The RCIA for people interested in becoming Catholic. Contact Dennis Porteous