Parish News

Personal Action stamp

Personal Action

Bishop Robert Barron reflects on the life of St Katharine Drexel

One Small Step stamp

One Small Step

A reflection on the the value of just one small step by St Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Religious Education stamp

Religious Education

Can you be there for me?

Broken Bay News stamp

Broken Bay News

A bi-monthly publication for Catholics in Broken Bay

Port Pirie Bishop stamp

Port Pirie Bishop

Fr Karol Kulczycki SDS appointed as bishop of Port Pirie SA

Priest stamp

Support Your Priest 2020

Thank you to our Parish priests for their dedication serving our Pymble community

St John Vianney stamp

St John Vianney

We celebrate the feast day of St John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests

St Martha stamp

St Martha

We celebrate the feast day of St Martha, patron saint of those who serve, especially food

Future stamp


A reflection on the future by Pope St John Paul II

CV19 Prevention stamp

Coronavirus Brief

Important information relating to the use of face masks

St Mary Magdalene stamp

St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdelene, one of the most prominent women mentioned in the New Testament

Faith stamp


A reflection on Faith by St Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430 AD)