Broken Bay Pastoral Trust

The Broken Bay Pastoral Trust – Your Gift of Faith

The Broken Bay Pastoral Trust funds the mission of the Catholic Church.
 Established on 1 July 2018 to fund the activities of mission in our Diocese, your generous donation will raise up the next generation of young people, priests and leaders to proclaim the message of Christ to our community. Donations to the Trust are not tax deductible. Donate now.


Funding is provided for:

Vocations and Seminarians

Promoting formation of candidates for Ordained Ministry and lay parish leadership.
Providing financial assistance to those training to enter the Priesthood.

Youth and Families

Creating pathways and events for young Catholics to meet and celebrate their faith.
Supporting the Marriage Tribunal.
Providing opportunities to assist parents, engaged and married couples, including resources for those experiencing infertility or the loss of a child.

Parishes and our Community

Supporting Parish Councils and social justice groups with training, resources and events in our Diocese.
Welcoming the marginalised and vulnerable in our community.
Providing resources to Parishes such as the Domestic Violence support kits.

Whilst many of these activities take place in our Parishes, many of the resources, events and materials are created within the Chancery to support clergy, Parish staff and Parish Pastoral Councils including the Office for Evangelisation which provides free events for members of our community including talks and lectures to provide another element of faith formation. Catholic Youth Broken Bay hosts events including Praisefest and Twilight talks for young people to gather together and grow in faith. CYBB also supports Youth Ministers with ongoing training and engagement opportunities. Other areas in the Chancery that are funded by the Broken Bay Pastoral Trust include the Marriage Tribunal which assists individuals with annulments.

The Broken Bay Pastoral Trust exists to support the faith journey of people in the Diocese of Broken Bay by using best practice formation initiatives from around the world.

When you support the Broken Bay Pastoral Trust you are giving a priceless a gift of faith,  Donations to the Trust are not tax deductible.