Grief and Bereavement

Everybody will suffer a loss or bereavement at some time in their lives. Linguistically, bereavement is the condition. Grief is the emotional experience of bereavement. So how you act in your bereavement will be your grief.

As grievers we should communicate:

  • by talking about our loss – the person, the happy memories, the sad memories, and our life together.
  • by allowing others into our world of grief – accepting their support and being embraced by their love.
  • by being honest – particularly with those who are not being helpful.

The question most often asked is “why me?”

Suffering is long, hard and painful.

Suffering is inevitable because it is a natural process of life. We wouldn’t feel so much pain and suffering if we didn’t love so much.

Suffering is not a punishment for things we have done wrong.

Suffering is not part of a divine conspiracy to get us to turn back to God, but through suffering God’s purposes are sometimes revealed.