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Methods of Natural Family Planning

There are 3 main methods of Natural Family Planning:

  1. FertilityCare, Creighton Model System: Uses observations of cervical mucus.Developed by Dr.Hilgers. This method can also be used in combination with NaProtechnology to treat and diagnose infertility and other gynaecological issues. For more information visit: 
  2. Sympto-thermal method: Uses observations of cervical mucus and temperature changes. For more information visit:
  3. Billings Ovulation Method: Uses observations of cervical mucus. Developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings. For more information visit:  
Did you know the World Health Organisation listed the oral contraceptive Pill as a carcinogen in 2005? As stated in the IARC’s review, the use of combined oral contraceptives increases the risk of cervical, breast and liver cancer.