Clergy Retreat 2023

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Answering God’s call to vocation
Like many girls growing up, Sister Susanna Edmunds had dreams of marriage and family.

She grew up in a faithful Catholic family and attended Mass every Sunday, even when the promise of McDonalds for lunch was sometimes needed to get her and her siblings into the pews some weeks.

Throughout high school she read the bible diligently and became actively involved in the Church youth group, claiming the faith in a deeply personal way.

“In my teens I really developed that habit of leaning on God’s will through prayer but I still had no sense he was calling me to anything but marriage,” she says.

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Interview with Father Sam French for Vocations Week 2022


Bishop Anthony's Message for Vocations Week


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World Day of Prayer for Vocations resources have been sent to all clergy and parishes.

The Vocations Team
Diocese of Broken Bay
Ph: 0418 522 449



The Role of the Vocations Ministry is to:

  • Foster and nurture a “vocation culture” across the Diocese of Broken Bay
  • Foster an awareness and understanding of the specific vocation of Priesthood, Diaconate and Consecrated Life, and encourage men and women to consider these lifestyles as possible and life-giving options for the future
  • Accompany and guide those who are discerning their vocation
  • Support and assist men in exploring a vocation to the priesthood, and women and men exploring a vocation to consecrated life
  • Assist men and facilitate the process of entering the Good Shepherd Seminary
  • Organise events and provide one-on-one advice in discerning the priesthood, diaconate or consecrated life
  • Provide resources for vocations and discernment

For more information, take a look at our resources page.

For any enquiries, please contact our Vocations Office.