Faith Formation

Growth in discipleship is important for all Christians, as we are continually called to a deeper and more life-giving relationship with God. Ongoing formation and catechesis allows us to come to know our faith and our God better, which can then give us the confidence to share our faith more freely. When we learn together, we are also drawn more into our faith community.

There are many excellent resources available for faith formation, both in physical and in digital formats. Below is a selection.

For additional Biblical Resources click here.

These resources are useful in introducing people to faith, and to begin to explore Christianity and the difference that faith can make in their life.

The Search
The Chosen

Formation and Catechesis


The FORMED platform provides a wide variety of Catholic content to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith. Studies, movies, children’s programs, ebooks and audio are available on your web browser or mobile phone.
Purchase through Parousia Media for Australian rates.

Word on Fire
Bishop Robert Barron offers a number of studies on this platform. Resources can be purchased by individuals online, including rental options.
Word on Fire Engage provides a whole-parish platform that makes available all courses and materials to all parishioners, built on email communications tool, Flocknote.

Ascension Press (In Partnership with Parousia Media)
Ascension has a number of high-quality video resources on a large variety of topics, including Biblical resources. Topis include: Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible; Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life; No Greater Love (for Lent)
Parousia Media have partnered with Ascension to offer these resources in Australia.
Enquiries: Parousia on 9651 0375 or

The Wild Goose
This platform offers a number of free video series, including The Wild Goose. a 14-part series on the Holy Spirit, and Metanoia: A Journey with Christ into Conversion.

Parousia Academy
A platform of faith formation courses able to be purchased and completed online, which can work towards a certification. Topics cover a variety of theological areas.