Health Information

Who is at risk?

According to the NSW Government Health Department website, the people most at risk include:

  • those who have recently been in a high risk country, and
  • those who have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of coronavirus.

The Australian Government advises that if you are returning from an overseas location, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days after leaving that country.

The Australian Government also asks that domestic and overseas travel plans are reconsidered.

Other categories of people at risk of a serious infection are:

  • those with compromised immune systems,
  • those diagnosed with chronic medical conditions,
  • elderly people,
  • ·very young children and babies.However, the NSW Government Health Department website notes that the risk to children and babies, and the role children play in the transmission of coronavirus is not clear; and that there has so far been a low rate of confirmed cases among children relative to the broader population,
  • those in group residential settings, and
  • those in detention facilities.

Helpful Links to information that is updated (at least daily)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find here a link to an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions prepared by the NSW Government Health Department.

Information on when and how to use masks is available from the FAQ link above and from the following link:  WHO information on when and how to use masks