Baking as an Act of Kindness at St Joseph's

29 September 2021

The students of St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford recently took part in a baking competition as an Act of Kindness during lockdown.

Scarlett 2 HDThe students were invited to bake something, take a creative photo of what they baked, gift their baked item to someone as an act of kindness and email the photo of the baked item and some words on who they delivered it to.

"Their baking and gifting was just beautiful," said Fiona Green, Youth Ministry Leader at St Joseph's.

Three winners were chosen based on a combination of the thoughtful gifting and their gift. Congratulations to Brielle D. Year 10, Violette G. Year 11 and Scarlett S. in Year 7 who each received a $10 Prezzee gift voucher.

What the winners said about their entries:

"I have created this cake for my 92-year-old grandma, it took me all day! Baking is her favourite thing and she used to always bake at family events, but she's too old now. Mama has handed me the baking baton. So I made her this cake. We haven't seen her for over 2 months." - Scarlett.

"I made these carrot cake muffins for my Grandma and Pop. They love to have tea or coffee with a treat in the afternoon and I think this will make their lockdown a little more enjoyable and just to remind them I am thinking of them. My grandparents love cards. (Sometimes they care more about the card than the actual present!) so I thought I would get a little creative having no card at home and make a DIY love heart card. I hope to sheds a little light and make there day a little brighter." - Violette.

"I didn't even realise this was a thing until I delivered one of my cakes to my friend Charlotte and she told me about it. Mum and I made these cakes to give to people just to say we're thinking about you. I baked six cakes, with help from mum. I surprised three different family friends with cakes and the other three went to my friends. I myself was even surprised with brownies from one of my friends in return. Thought it would be funny to make (cringy) Covid related lolly themed puns on them. It certainly felt good to make these cakes and seeing the smiles on their faces was amazing. I definitely will be making more sweet treats and gifts from more people related or not." - Brielle.