Bishop Anthony Randazzo's Easter Message


My dear brothers and sisters,

As we approach the solemn and joyous celebration of Easter, let us reflect on the profound message of hope and renewal that this sacred season brings - a message that comes to us from the enduring promise of God’s guidance and mercy.

Baruch, a Jewish aristocrat who became the scribe of the prophet Jeremiah, wrote on the circumstances of Jewish exiles from Babylon, and addressed how important it is to live our lives with wisdom. Not being clever or overloaded with information, but wisdom that wraps itself into our lives and translates our days into something meaningful.

When we begin and end each day in prayer, the fruit of wisdom becomes visible in our lives in our discernment, our understanding, and our decision making.

The words of Baruch serve as a reminder of what is truly enduring in our world, namely the wisdom that God never fails, and that profound wisdom comes from walking in the way of God. It is a path that leads to peace, harmony, and everlasting life.

Our Church uses Baruch as the sixth reading in the Easter Vigil liturgy because it is also a book of hope which reveals the transformative power of trusting in God with sincere repentance.

This Easter, in the Year of Prayer, as we commemorate once more the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ, might we embrace his spirit of compassion and service, reaching out to all people of goodwill, regardless of faith, tradition, or background. Let us embody the love of Christ in our actions, bringing hope and healing to a world in need.

May this most significant season in the Christian calendar be a time of renewal and transformation, as we walk hand in hand with God, guided by the light of His love. May we all find peace and hope, wisdom and mercy in the embrace of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord.

May the hope of Easter fill your hearts with joy.
Bishop Anthony Randazzo