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CCD exists to bring the message of God's kingdom to Catholic students who attend public schools. Catechists (SRE teachers) provide Catholic Special Religious Education – also known as Scripture – to children and young people on a regular basis.

Are you called to serve as a witness to your faith?

If you have ever thought about becoming a catechist, now is a good time to respond and make an enquiry.
CCD is offering Zoom training in Term 4 to upskill new catechists and helpers to enable them to teach, or assist an experienced catechist, in one of our public schools in 2022.
Click on the video below for more information or contact your Parish Catechist Coordinator via the Parish Office.


Parents in NSW public schools have the choice to enrol their children in SRE.  The Catholic Church respects the right of all parents in this choice.

CCD is inspired by the Holy Spirit and connected in Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and at the centre of our lives and ministry.

The Catechists in our Diocese undertake a vital evangelising role, educating children and young people and forming them in the Catholic faith.

Please read the statement from the Catholic Conference of Religious Educators in State Schools (CCRESS) who continue to support the important place and contribution of SRE to Public Education and the choice of parents for their children to be formed in the faith of their family. Please continue to pray for our Catechists and the great work they do for families and our Church.  CCRESS Statement - Catholic Church Supports SRE in Schools (Information for parents and SRE teachers)

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