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This page is being updated and PowerPoints for the classroom are not available at the moment but will be returning soon. Please see the link below for, learning from home lessons.

Welcome to Walking With Jesus PowerPoints.

Welcome to the Walking with Jesus PowerPoint resources.  The PowerPoints have been designed to assist catechists in lesson preparation and teaching in the classroom.  The PowerPoints should be used alongside the Teacher’s Manual and Student Activity Book for lesson preparation.  It is always recommended that the Unit Outline in the Teacher’s Manual be read at the beginning of each unit of work.  It is essential to read the Lesson Plan before using the PowerPoint resource, as the PowerPoints will only make sense in the context of the lesson plan.  The Aim of each lesson cannot be changed.

The PowerPoints have voiceovers on the stories and bible passages.  The rest of slides are there for your use to either read from or paraphrase what is written, or to get the children to read (e.g. the prayers).  If you would prefer to read the stories and bible passages yourself, simply turn the volume down, but remember to turn it back up when you get to the song at the end of each PowerPoint.

The PowerPoints have been left in their original format for ease of downloading and saving onto a USB.  To respect the integrity of the curriculum material, we ask that you do not edit them.

To Get Started. Choose a Level - Click on your Stage/Year box. Simply open the PowerPoint and and save to a USB (memory stick) for use in the classroom. 

If you require further instructions on how to save the PowerPoints to a USB please click here (PDF 853.3KB).

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