Ecumenism is an organic part of the Church’s life and work, and consequently must pervade all that it is and does. (cf. Ut unum sint, 20). 

2015 EI ecum photo-3The Diocese of Broken Bay, a truly local Church where the Spirit flourishes, constantly prays the prayer of Christ that all may be one. It commits itself to exploring ways of recognising and celebrating the imperfect communion that already exists with other local churches and communities, and, on the basis of this recognition, of taking the next tentative steps towards full communion.

Through the Tri-Diocesan Covenant between the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, and the Catholic Dioceses of Broken Bay and Maitland-Newcastle, and the growing number of covenants between Christian communities in our region, we respond to the prayer of Jesus “that all may be one” (John 17; 11, 21). 


"The Bishop and Christian Unity"

On 4 December 2020, the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity launched The Bishop and Christian Unity: An Ecumenical Vademecum. This document contains useful strategies and practical recommendations for promoting Christian unity in our Dioceses and parishes.
Read the document here.

Week of Prayer For Christian Unity

The week between the Ascension and Pentecost Sunday is dedicated each year to praying for Christian Unity, a week where we unite with other Christians to pray that all may be one, as Jesus desires.

We pray:
Gracious God, we pray for the Church, that all will be inspired to continue the quest for Christian Unity, and that our hearts be filled with the gift of Jesus’ love for all. We pray that all Christian Churches may continue to show one another extraordinary kindness in guiding them towards reconciliation and unity in Christ so that they are able to bear witness to the Gospel and bear abundant fruit.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


World Day of Prayer

WDPLogoTransparentThe World Day of Prayer is celebrated annually on the first Friday in March. It is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year.
In 2021, the host country was Vanuatu and the theme was "Build on a Strong Foundation."

It is a movement:
- Initiated and carried out by women in more than 170 countries and regions.
- Symbolised by an annual day of celebration – the first Friday of March – to which all people are welcome.
- Which brings together women of various races, cultures and traditions in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year. 

Services are held in a number of locations around the Diocese. Contact your parish for further information, or visit World Day of Prayer Australia Website

Other Resources

 Called to Dialogue - A document on ecumenism and interreligious dialogue published by the World Council of Churches 

Enquiries and further information please contact:

Pina Bernard 
Telephone: 8379 1627