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We have been invited to journey together, guided by the Holy Spirit, throughout this 12 months of discernment for the Central Coast project. We’d like to share our journey with others.

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Briefing Circles


Read below to hear about Briefing Circles.

To listen to each other’s questions and hopes

I registered to attend one of The Briefing Circles to get a better understanding of what the Project was all about. I enjoyed the small group discussions and it was interesting to hear the questions and hopes of others.

Maisie Tenev, Youth Ministry Coordinator, MacKillop Catholic College Warnervale

Innovative ideas were shared

As a group facilitator in the recent Briefing Circles for the Central Coast Pastoral Project, I was privileged to hear many stories of people’s personal journey of faith and stories of families experiences in our school and parish communities. It was of interest to hear of the innovative ideas to promote our Catholic faith in the broader community of the Central Coast in an outward focus and to hear of the need for support services and ministries in our schools and parishes. There were many common themes shared in the group discussions and I look forward to hearing more about these from our community group leaders in the next phase of the project.

Colleen Smith, Briefing Circles Group Facilitator

An opportunity to celebrate our local identity

An opportunity that I see for the project is to contextualise our voice beyond the Plenary Council at a local level and go deeper in understanding who we are on the Central Coast as a faith community and how others perceive us. The project is an opportunity to celebrate our local identity as Catholics, identify our successes and engage in opportunities for growth in our local context.

Adam Murdoch, College Principal, St Brigid’s Lake Munmorah

Community Consultation


On 29 September the MacKillop Catholic College project Facilitators met to plan and discuss how we will introduce the Pastoral Discernment project to our community. We will be holding a whole staff, K-12 Staff meeting during the first week of the new school year during a whole staff meeting.

MCC Team- PCL photo: From Left to Right: Sr. Jennifer Canillas, OSA, Deb Ferguson and Tim Snelling.