Authorisation Procedure

CCD and Child Protection

The Diocese of Broken Bay, consistent with its Mission Statement, affirms the dignity and worth of all children and young people in its care. The Diocese has a strong commitment to the wellbeing, belonging and security of children and young people.

All persons (including clergy, volunteers and paid staff) undertaking ministry in any capacity within the Diocese are expected to promote child safety and wellbeing and provide an environment which fosters the child’s developmental needs, spirituality, self-respect and dignity.

For a full DBB 'Safe Church' statement go to Diocese of Broken Bay Safeguarding Office

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CCD Authorisation Procedure

A new Special Religious Education teacher is required to:

  • Complete document: A1 - Contract
  • Complete document: A2 - Department of Education and Training Declaration
  • Obtain a Working with Children Check (a prerequisite for anyone in paid or voluntary child-related work in NSW) by completing an online application form at
  • Undertake mandatory CCD Ministry Induction training

Once correct paperwork is processed, the catechist will receive:

  • Provisional Authorisation Card (Yellow card - valid until the end of the current year)
  • Upon completion of the CCD Ministry Induction, the Provisional card is exchanged for a Full Authorisation Card (Green card - automatically re-issued annually)

A visitor entering the SRE classroom:

  • Prospective new catechists are not able to go into the SRE classrooms to observe a lesson unless they have a verified Working With Children Check number and an authorisation card issued by the Diocese of Broken Bay. (Please refer to CCD Authorisation Procedures above)
  • According to the Office of the Children's Guardian, a visitor for a one off occasion , such as a speaker or a performer, is exempt from obtaining the WWC Clearance. This is on the condition that this person is in the presence of one or more other adults when in contact with the children.

For further information please contact:

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