Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6)

To Get Started. Click on the lesson you wish to do eg Lesson 1 - Following in His Footsteps

The lesson will appear in a box in the bottom left of your screen.  Click on this box and the lesson will begin on the Title slide    Download link

From the Title slide you can progress through lesson by simply clicking your mouse or arrow keys right to the end to close the lesson.  Video and audio tracks will happen automatically, so the timing is up to you. 

Faith Sharing

The lessons are designed to make children think, feel and act in response to the teaching of Jesus so you are encouraged to take time to explore our faith with them.  Often there are no ‘right’ answers so listening to your child and asking‘I wonder’ questions is the best way to engage with the lesson material. eg. I wonder why or how?  

Sharing your family stories is very important for the development a child’s faith so don’t hesitate to tell them of your experiences especially the positive ones.  Most importantly pray with your child(ren).

Term 2 Lessons

Lesson 1 - Following In His Footsteps  (PPSX 23.7MB)

Lesson 2 - Building the Kingdom (PPSX 25.6MB)

Lesson 3 - Disciples are Commissioned (PPSX 28.7MB)

Lesson 4 - Coming of the Holy Spirit (PPSX 44.9MB)

Lesson 5 - Early Christian Communities (PPSX 47.5MB)

Lesson 6 - Children of God (PPSX 46.1MB)

Lesson 7 - Bread of Life (PPSX 61MB)

Lesson 8 - Do This in Memory of Me (PPSX 28.3MB)

Lesson 9 - Jesus Speaks to Me in the Eucharist (PPSX 38.3MB)

Lesson 10 - The Emmaus Story (PPSX 35.7MB)

Lesson 11 - Jesus Feeds the Crowds (PPSX 49.3MB)

Lesson 12 - Jesus in Our Communities (PPSX 34.1MB)

Lesson 13 - Food for the Journey  (PPSX 41.4MB)