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Our Participation

How can we get involved in Plenary Council 2020?

Our Plenary journey in the Diocese of Broken Bay has already commenced with a launch at the Feast of Pentecost (20 May, 2018). At this time, all of our parishes, school and agencies received a Support Kit and resources, with a call to select ‘Local Animators’ to lead and facilitate Listening and Dialogue Sessions in local communities of faith throughout our Diocese.

These Local Animators will distribute Plenary Council guides that will support local conversations, and assist to facilitate and encourage others to facilitate listening sessions in each of our communities. Training for these tasks and ideas for ways in which to hold Listening Sessions was provided to our Local Animators in August 2018.

These Local Animators will then facilitate and promote local listening sessions in our Catholic communities of Broken Bay from August to October. Please contact your local Parish or principal for information about a Listening and Dialogue Session taking place near you. We will share the details of listening sessions registered with us on this website in due course.

Then, in November and December we will hold diocesan assemblies with our people able to choose either the 24 November at The Cathedral Parish or 1 December at The Entrance Parish.

The focus of these gatherings will be on the national agenda and an opportunity to share with the National Facilitation Team for Plenary Council 2020 a sense of where and how God is calling the Church to grow. As these months also mark the end of the Year of Youth, the youth of our Diocese will also take a central place in this dialogue and be invited to share their voice with all of us as the Catholic community of Broken Bay.

“Momentum is building as the Church reaches the midway point of the Listening and Dialogue phase of preparations for Plenary Council 2020 which will shape the agenda of the Council, with an update available here.”


A summary of these plans was shared in the April 2018 edition of the Broken Bay News, available here.

While we encourage all our people to participate with others in a Listening and Dialogue Session, praying and discerning with others, if you would like to make an individual and direct submission to the Plenary Council, you can do so by going to: