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Catechists are entrusted with the religious education of Catholic students in the State schools in our two communities. Ample training is provided and no-one is asked to start before they are ready. A good way to begin is as a catechist helper which requires no lesson preparation and no presenting.

At the end of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus said to those who believed in him, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”. A Catechist has the joy of spreading this good news about Jesus to the Catholic children in the Primary Schools at Lindfield Public School, East Lindfield Public School, Beaumont Road Public School and Killara Public School,  and the Secondary Schools : Killara High School, and the Lindfield Learning Village.   Our team of catechists are trained, given manuals, activity books, music CDs, and other support to make this a wonderful experience for the children and the Catechist.

This rewarding discipleship does not require an in-depth knowledge of Catholic doctrines as you have manuals which take you step-by-step through each lesson. You bring your deep love of Jesus and love for children. It takes a little of your time to prepare and give your lesson once a week. We want to share this gift of spending time with children who want to learn about Jesus. Please consider this invitation to come and see what we do as catechists and see if God is calling you to share the good news with these children.

If you could give your time to being a Catechist, or would just like to find more about what is involved, please contact our Catechist Coordinator, Karen Forbes, at


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