Online Parish Groups

We’re here, we’re online:  
and here are some ways to join in online parish gatherings…...
(If you need help in learning how to take part online in any of these activities please call (9416 7195) or email ( Fr Colin and he’ll be happy to help you to master the technology - it’s not hard at all!).

I.  Our Parish Christian Meditation Group      Our parish has for the last few years had a weekly Christian Meditation Group.This group is now gathering online and invites anyone to join them for a short time of prayer each Wednesday morning at 8am.
The linkup takes place using Zoom – the organisers will simply send you an email which provides you with a link to click on at the appropriate time, along with a ‘Meeting ID’ and a password which you enter when requested.  Then off you go.
If you haven’t tried Christian meditation before don’t worry – our lovely group will help you to get introduced to this gentle way of praying.If you’d like to join the group please email either Kay ( or Catherine (
II. Our Parish Scripture Study Sessions    are also taking place online—both the daytime group and the evening group.   
If you’re not already in either or both of  these groups and would like to be please contact Fr Colin (0475 558500) or email (  
·The daytime Scripture Group meets online on the first & third Wednesdays of each month at 11am.
·The evening Scripture study group meets online on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30pm .