Welcoming New Members to the Catholic Church

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Becoming a Catholic


If you would like to become a part of our Catholic family of faith you will find a warm welcome!

Adults who seek to be baptised are welcomed into a parish programme called ‘The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

This involves a series of weekly presentations and discussions on the various aspects of Catholic faith and life. The culmination of this preparation is the celebration of Baptism, Confirmation and the first sharing in Holy Communion at the Mass of the Easter Vigil (the principal Easter celebration in the Catholic Church) on Holy Saturday evening.

For those who are already baptised in another Christian denomination but who now seek to become a member of the Catholic community there is a parallel programme of preparation (involving the same series of weekly talks) which culminates in reception into the Catholic Church along with the celebration of Confirmation and first sharing in Holy Communion at the Mass of the Easter Vigil.

The preparation programme in the RCIA process is a collaborative ministry of our two communities with the team leading the process made up of members from both Lindfield and Killara.

To find out more about becoming a part of the Catholic Church please contact:

Jos Beunen
Tel:     0427 993982
Email: jos.beunen@gmail.com or the Parish Office