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The Social Justice group at Lindfield-Killara parish aims to:

  • educate ourselves and parishioners about the marginalized in society
  • raise funds for and contribute to various charities known or involving our parishioners
  • engage others in social justice causes through action

We encourage all parishioners to attend our quarterly meetings (published in the bulletin). If you’d like additional information on any item listed here or would like help in any way, please contact the parish office. They will direct you to the appropriate contact.

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Education and Engagement

Social Justice Speakers
From time to time the SJ Committee has hosted speakers to inform parishioners of social justice issues. For example, in 2011, Fr Sacha from the Jesuit Refugee Service provided insight into the difficulties faced by asylum seekers and refugees with first-hand accounts and stories from current refugees now relocated in Australia.

Financial Support
The Social Justice committee raises funds in various ways throughout the year including: running the pre-loved toy and white elephant stalls at the parish fete. Other fundraising activities might also include a movie night, cake stalls and other activities.

Homeless Persons
The homeless are some of the most marginalized persons in our society. The parish aims to provide assistance to the following organisations that support homelessness:

  • Cana, set up 30 years ago to provide shelter, crisis accommodation, emergency overnight shelter and a café for homeless people and those most alienated in our society.
  • David’s place, a drop-in centre offering prayer and fellowship for disadvantaged and/or homeless people.
  • Sydney Street Choir, the choir is made up of people who have been homeless, mentally ill and/or have addictions and provides therapy through music as well as an opportunity to be part of a community. The parish hosted members of the Sydney Street Choir who entertained us with a mix of songs and sketches.

Support for our Youth

  • Student Immersions - Students from our parish who participate in immersion programs are often required to raise hundreds of dollars to help the organisations they are working with. We are committed to help these students with their fundraising efforts when possible.  If you (or you son or daughter!) will be participating in an immersion programme and are raising funds for the organisation you will support, we may be able to help. All applications must be submitted no later than 31 July of the year in which you are completing the immersion.
  • KYDS - KYDS Youth Development Service, located in Lindfield, provides free, easily accessed, confidential counselling and support for adolescents and their families in Northern Sydney. KYDS helps individuals, families and schools tackle the many problems facing young people today. 

The Killara church community has provided financial support to various missions in many places including Ethiopia, where we assist a group of nuns who run 5 missions there educating children and Kiribas, where we purchased two boats used by the priest there to commute between the various islands for Mass and to transport goods.

Caritas Australia
Caritas Australia is the international aid and development organisation of the Catholic Church in Australia who:

  • Deliver long-term development programs
  • Help people regardless of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs
  • Work with the poorest of the poor
  • Help people help themselves

The parish supports Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion fundraising efforts held during lent each year.

Broken Bay Diocese's Charitable Works Fund
The Broken Bay Diocese Charitable Works Fund (CWF) is a centralised fund for the support of charitable and pastoral activities of the Diocese that extend beyond the limits of any single parish. The CWF funds are used to support:

  • Centacare - which provides help to families and individuals in need by assisting to find accommodation, provide meals, counselling & other services;
  • Confraternity of Christian Doctrine –to provide training and resources for our catechists in public schools;
  • St Lucy’s & St Edmunds special schools; andOther agencies within our Diocese.

Each year the parishes of the Diocese are asked to raise in excess of $1,100,000 to support the CWF. Our parish is usually requested to raise approximately $55,000 annually for the CWF which we achieve through three special collections during the year. Donations to the CWF are fully tax-deductible.