Children’s Involvement in Liturgy

Content Editor There are several important ways that children can be involved in our parish liturgy:

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word is held during  the first part of the 10.15am Mass at Lindfield and the 9:00am Mass at Killara (except on the second Sunday of each month when all the children are invited to the Monthly Children's Mass at our Lindfield church)

At the beginning of Mass the celebrant calls the children forward and they go with their Liturgy leaders to the parish meeting room to learn about the readings of the day in an easily understood way. Children engage in discussion, craft and music to bring alive the meaning of the liturgy for them. Children rejoin their family at the time of the Dedication of the Gifts.

If you would like to become engaged in this worthwhile Ministry as a leader simply scan this QR code or go to code for registering

Monthly Children's Mass and the Children’s Choir

Our Children's Mass is celebrated on the Second Sunday of the Month at Lindfield at the 10:15am Mass.
(And  our Youth and Family Mass (followed by potluck dinner or sausage sizzle) is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month at our Lindfield church (at the earlier time of 5:30pm)

The Children’s Mass now features the Children’s ChoirIf your child would like to be part of the choir (there is one monthly rehearsal) please contact the Parish Office.

If your child would like to join the Children's Choir go to  or simply scan this QR code      QR code for registering

Jean Shatek